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Fortress Academy for Youth Empowerment is a tax-exempt not-for-profit mentoring organization that pairs volunteers with at-risk youth.

The mission of FAYE is the pursuit of the following principles:
Commitment: FAYE inspires pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.
Responsibility: The focus of FAYE is to empower youth in establishing goals and following through on commitments.
Possibility: FAYE desires to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities.
Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. FAYE surrounds young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment.

FAYE is established to provide mentoring for at risk middle and high school youth in the Southern Dallas area. The program will create partnerships with the local school districts and the juvenile court system. FAYE matches a caring adult volunteer with a referred youth. FAYE will setup four distinct mentoring programs:

Trailblazers: Trailblazers is the central program of FAYE. At risk middle school students and their mentors participate in a structured program of support.
Turnaround: Turnaround focuses on students who are chronically suspended from middle and high schools.
Higher Ground: Higher Ground engages youth involved in the juvenile court system.
Lunch Friends:
Lunch Friends works with children from local elementary schools.
Tonya McGee is the well qualified Executive Director and founder of F.A.Y.E.  as the mother of four adult sons and a life-long resident of the community she seeks to serve, Ms. McGee has a natural passion and deep concern for the young black men in Southern Region. She recognizes the failure of the system to include them in their own destiny and feels compelled to be a part of a solution to this very troublesome situation.

Ms. McGee has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the non-profit field. She has devoted some 15 years of service to helping non-profit organizations reach their targeted population and successfully complete their missions. While pursuing a Business degree at Eastfield College, she accepted a position as a receptionist and office worker at a local chemical dependency clinic. The experience fueled her compassion for others and her spirit led her to volunteer at Promise House, an organization that assist and counsel women in crisis.

Since Promise House, Ms. McGee has work progressively with other organizations including:
Strong Families Dallas - As a Facilitator
Lone Star Marketing - Outreach Media Director
Anthem Strong Families - Community Outreach Coordinator (presently employed)
In her most recent position, she has developed relationships with highly-visible and prominent members of her south Dallas community. Who, like Ms. McGee are working to deliberately effect a change in their community.
Executive Director
Tonya McGee

Fortress Academy
For Youth Empowerment
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